PBR322 Sequence?

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o.   van-ham (ovanham at julian.uwo.ca) wrote:
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> Calvin and Hobbbes <Rosenwasserlab at njc.org> wrote:
> >Anyone have a sequence/restriction digest map for PBR322? I have tried a
> >blast search with NIH Library and have received only genes cloned into PBR
> >322. Or if it is published in a catalog that would be great too. I realize
> >that this vector is pre-historic, but I have a gene that I want to sequence
> >in it.
> >
> >Thanks for your help,
> >
> >Jon Stacks

> Check out the New England Biolabs book.  It has the pBR322 restriction 
> digest map, but no sequence (sorry, can't help with that).

> Oded Van-Ham

If you use Network Entrez (From NCBI/GenBank) and type in
complete genome pbr322, you get two hits, and one of them is
the correct one.  See GenBank accession number J01749

Here is the top of the file:

LOCUS       SYNPBR322    4361 bp ds-DNA   circular  SYN       29-JUN-1994
DEFINITION  Cloning vector pBR322, complete genome.
ACCESSION   J01749 K00005 L08654 M10282 M10283 M10286 M10356 M10784 M10785
            M10786 M33694 V01119
KEYWORDS    ampicillin resistance; beta-lactamase; cloning vector;
            drug resistance protein; origin of replication; plasmid;
            tetracycline resistance.
SOURCE      Cloning vector plasmid pBR322 from E.coli; pBR322 DNA in pXf3 [4].
  ORGANISM  Cloning vector
            Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.

and below there is info on how to retrieve it (which ever way
you like best)



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