RT-activity of Taq polymerase, HELP!!!!

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>>ARe you sure that you are not looking at DNA? Most RNA extraction
>>protocols (except for CsCl cushions) also produce DNA; indeed, some
>>kits we have tried are better for DNA than RNA!
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>I agree.  We routinely set up RT-PCR reaction controls with no RT added.  If
>appropriately-sized band appears, then that means you're amplifying genomic
>DNA.  Introns in the genomic DNA (if they are not too big to amplify)can of
>course increase your band size.  It is thus best to design RT-PCR primers in 2
>separate exons.
>--Rich Moldwi

I think that it is even better to design your primers not only in two
different exons but IN two exons i.e. ACROSS an intron.  In this way you
cannot amplify DNA since one half of you primer is in one exon and the
other half in another.

Cheers, Klaus

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