job vacancy announcement

Tim King kingt1 at IIA.ORG
Fri Feb 17 17:38:59 EST 1995

                        General Biologist GS7/9  ($24,441-$38,869)

This is a full-time, permanent position.

The incumbent performs laboratory analyses, lab and field 
experimentation, and data sampling and collection in support of 
research activities in the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory of the NBS-Leetown 
Science Center.  This work includes the following:

1. Analyzes tissue samples to investigate genetic variability among 
populations of fish and other organisms using the following techniques

	a. gel electrophoresis, using native and denaturing conditions;
	b. polymerase chain reaction methodology; 
	c. DNA sequencing using dideoxy termination/cycle sequencing;
	d. electrophoretic analysis of restriction digests of DNA preps;
	e. spectrophotometric and fluorometric procedures quantification
	   of DNA.

2. Enters and analyzes experimental data, using PCs.

3. Assists in the collection of field samples for genetics and other 
investigations concerning the ecology of aquatic organisms.

4. Assists in conducting controlled laboratory experiments on the 
genetics and ecology of aquatic organisms.

Please notify anyone interested in this position.  The position is 
accessible to non-government candidates for only five days (February 
20-24 1995).  Given this limitation, it is critical that each prospect be 
notified as soon as possible.  Anyone interested in this position should 

Tim L. King
Fishery Biologist
NBS-Leetown Science Center
1700 Leetown Rd
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Phone (304) 725-8461 ext. 381
FAX (304) 728-6509


U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Dayton Service Center
Room 507 Federal Building
200 West Second Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402-1430

 If you know of a listservice or news group that may reach molecular 
geneticists please notify me ASAP so that I may get the word out.  Thanks.

Tim King

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