Transcriptiona and Gene Families...

David R. Rockhold drr at PW.USDA.GOV
Fri Feb 17 12:19:35 EST 1995

Hi there, we are working with a complex gene family in plants.  We want to
characterize the expression (transcription) of individual members of the
family.  We have genomic clones of 5 members, and have sequence for the 5'
untranslated region for the mRNAs.  These 5'UTR regions are highly
conserved, but there are differences (a base here and there).  We have
cloned cDNAs which correspond to some of the genomic clones, and have
demonstrated that the promoters function by constructing GUS fusions in
transgenic plants.  Is there a good method, I assume PCR based, we can use
to determine relative abundance of transcript coming from the endogenous
individual promoters?  Hybridization (northerns) will not work, too much
homology. Any Suggestions?????
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