How about Peltier elements??

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> We are thinking about buying a second pcr apparatus. We currently have a
> Perkin-Elmer, but many of the themocyclers offered today for a much lower
> price use Peltier elements. These elements used to have a relatively short
> lifespan, as I was told soem years ago.
> Could anyone tell me if the current generation of Peltier elements is more
> reliable? Thanks for your replies!
> Henri Molhuizen
> e-mail: h.molhuizen at

Our department has been using peltier driven thermocyclers (MJ Research)
for several years and we have seen no evidence of deterioration.  Whatever
difficulties they had with their early design seem to have been corrected.

By the way, a sales rep for another MAJOR thermocycler visited my lab
friday and I was interested to hear him perpetuate the notion that peltier
devices break down quickly.  Maybe some do, but ours have not.

(I have no financial connection with MJ Research)

Lawrence Washington
Indiana University
Institute for Molecular
 and Cellular Biology

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