DNA quantification

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Mon Feb 20 18:06:24 EST 1995

AIn article <3hpnth$khk at cbs.ksu.ksu.edu>, sjwhite at ksu.ksu.edu (Susan Jane
White) wrote:

> I'm purifying genomic DNA from a filamentous fungus. I want to know how much
> I have, but I suspect I have too little (or of too bad quality) to get good 
> spec readings.

I agree with Chris.  A minigel is necessary to make sure that your DNA
isn't sheared, anyway, so just run a few dilutions and compare to some DNA
standards (we like to use commercial HindIII markers, but whatever floats
your boat).  It's a little less accurate for things like genomic DNA, that
do not usually give a nice sharp band, but it still works OK.

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