NEB Molecular Biology Workshops

John McCarrey johnmc at DARWIN.SFBR.ORG
Tue Feb 21 18:50:16 EST 1995

This message describes the tenth annual New England Biolabs Molecular 
Biology Summer Workshops to be held at the Clark Science Center, Smith 
College, Northampton, MA this summer.

Three sessions of this two-week workshop will be offered:

Session I: June 4-June 17, 1995
Session II: July 2-July 15, 1995
Session III: July 23-August 5, 1995

This workshop emphasizes intensive bench experience in hands-on molecular 
biology laboratory work.  Each day includes about eight hours of work at 
the bench plus additional time for lectures.

Experiments will include: construction and screening of genomic and cDNA 
libraries, DNA-PCR, RNA-PCR, cloning in plasmid and phage vectors, 
Southern and Northern transfers and hybridizations, radioactive and 
non-radioactive labelling of DNA, and standard and automated DNA sequencing.

This workshop is intended for beginners in molecular biology.  No 
previous experience in molecular biology is required.

A fee of $2900. per participant includes extensive lab manual, use of all 
equipment and supplies, and room and board (all rooms are singles), as 
well as use of campus recreational facilities.

Applications are due by March 1, 1995, however late applications will be 
accepted through March 15, 1995 if space is still available.  Payment is 
due by April 15, 1995.

To apply for this workshop, please submit a recent resume and a brief 
letter of interest to:

Dr. Steven A. Williams
Clark Science Center
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

For additional information contact:

Dr. Steven A. Williams
voice phone: 413-585-3826
email: mlizotte at


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