genomic dna prep

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Mon Feb 20 11:22:05 EST 1995

In article <3hsfok$36c at>, phstayhn at (Dr Tay Hou Ngee Agnes) says:
>I need to prepare genomic dna from blood samples. I used to do it with 
>phenol choloroform, proteinase k but have heard that there are protocols 
>which do away with phenol chloroform and work well. Does anyone have such 
>a protocol? Also, what about commercial kits--anyone knows of kits that 
>work well and are reasonably priced? I need to do hundreds of samples so 
>convenience and cost are both impt factors.
>Thanks in advance
>Hybaid now produce a micrwave protocol for DNA extraction
I don't know the cost but I know it looks fast

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