Specific RNAase aviable? - Reply

Varyc varyc.mmcri at OFFICE.MMC.ORG
Tue Feb 21 07:45:45 EST 1995

Hi Min and all,

Min writes:
..."but does anybody know if there is such specific RNAase which
cuts RNA with a specific RNA sequence recognization just like a
DNA restructaion endonuclease cutting DNA fragment? Is this kind of
RNAase identifed or cloned?"

The only generalizable approach that I know to sequence specific RNAsing is to direct RNAseH to a
specific RNA sequence with a DNA oligo. See me, JBC 1984, v259, p3299-3307 and Hellen Donis-Keller,
NAR 7, 179-192.
The techniques are difficult but work, If memory serves the calf thymus RNAseH was better than that
from E.coli.

Hope this helps,
Cal Vary

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