Undergrad radioactive use, teaching/research?

Martin D. Leach leach at bu.edu
Wed Feb 22 16:40:42 EST 1995

We have a number of undergrad work-study student that sequence DNA in our lab.

IMHO if you have a good RPO (radiation protection officer) that can
monitor the students and that you perform enough radioactive experiments
with undergrads (with them, not on them :) that I would keep the license.
They are fully competent with radiation in our lab...although I have to
keep on their backs...as well as grad students regarding the correct
procedures and waste disposal etc....

OTOH (on the other hand) consider how much extra radioactive waste they
are generating...the cost of them could really sky-rocket your
expenses...and make it not economically feasible for you to keep them or
the license in the lab....

It is a balance of how much they are getting out of it and how much you
are paying for it....make sure they are doing something worthwhile for


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