HELP: Genomic Sequence for GAP protein?

Shu Liu Yong yong at ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 22 16:53:57 EST 1995

Hi, everyone.
	I am looking for the genomic sequences of all exons of GAP (GTPase
activating protein). Is anyone over there knows the sequences or knows
where I can find the sequences. I looked Genbank and EMBL and only found
its mRNA sequence.
	Please send me a e-mail to:
	yong at
	or post to this newsgroup

	Thanks in advance.

Dr. Yong Shu LIU
Dept of Surgery
University of Melbourne
Western Hospital
Victoria 3011
Tel: 6 3 319 6859
Fax: 613 317 8525

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