Extinction coefficients - DNA/RNA

Brad Thomas bthomas at gmm.gen.emory.edu
Wed Feb 22 13:27:58 EST 1995

wfl1 at cornell.edu (Warren Frank Lamboy) wrote:
> Dear Netters:  Could someone please tell me where I can find published
> extinction coefficients for DNA (ss, ds) and RNA, at least for 260nm and
> 280nm, but preferably also at 230 nm and 320nm? 

Sambrook,Fritsch,Maniatis 2nd ed gives the usual values: At 260 nm
1 OD is 50 mcg/ml dsDNA, 40 mcg/ml ssDNA or RNA,  about 20 mcg /ml
for short single-stranded oligo DNA.  260 over 280 ratio is 1.8 for
pure DNA and 2.0 for pure RNA. Conditions are probably aqueous, pH 8
(TE buffer pH 8).  

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