Graphing Programme

Graham Atherton grggta at
Wed Feb 22 10:51:17 EST 1995

Can anyone recommend a good scientific graphing programme for showing
data from Molecular Biology experiments eg simple bar graphs/histograms
and line graphs with the ability to apply error bars at each point.
This would involve spredsheet input and would either require the average
and standard deviation to be supplied or it could work it out itself
from a group of data. Black and white as well as colour graphs would be
possible (B&W for figures in papers and Colour for Slides).
We currently use Corel - but this does not give error bar capability and
we find it very complicated to use. Cricket graph is also available to
us on the VAX, this is far easier to use, gives error bars but the
labelling is poor and inflexible. We have imported Cricket graph into
Corel but this process is very fiddly and time consuming - there must
be something inbetween the two? We like the output from Sigmaplot but
it looks complicated to use.
Any help would be appreciated
Graham Atherton
please reply to grggta at as I am temporarily unable to
read the newsgroups!

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