EtBr in agarose gels vs. EtBr staining later

Thu Feb 23 08:16:41 EST 1995

I prefer to stain the gel afterward with EthBr, as I always seem to get crisper
bands.  It only takes 10 min. to stain a small gel and about 30 min to stain a
large gel (0.5ug/ml in both cases).  Yes, the liquid can't be dumped down the
drain (although I know of some labs that do this- naughty, naughty:*)  We
routinely dispose of the liquid by the activated charcoal method described in
Maniatis, which takes maybe an hour to do, using a 5 l glass bottle as the
storage container, until it's full.  
	If I'm ever worried about running a gel too long, I'll stop it half
way, stain it and then continue running it and thus I can shine the UV light on

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