PBR322 Sequence?

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>>>Anyone have a sequence/restriction digest map for PBR322? I have tried a
>>>blast search with NIH Library and have received only genes cloned into PBR
>>>322. Or if it is published in a catalog that would be great too. I realize
>>>that this vector is pre-historic, but I have a gene that I want to sequence
>>>in it.
>>>Thanks for your help,
>>>Jon Stacks
>>Check out the New England Biolabs book.  It has the pBR322 restriction 
>>digest map, but no sequence (sorry, can't help with that).
>>Oded Van-Ham
>If I remember correctly the original (1982?) edition of Maniatis has the
>entire sequence of PBR322. If you cannot find it mail me and I will send you a
>copy (k.grimaldi at ucl.ac.uk). If by any chance anybody in my lab happens to
>have the sequence I can e-mail it. Let me know if you need it.
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Maybe this will help: LOCUS SYNPBR322V; ACCESSION # L08654; SOURCE Synthetic
construct DNA; J.G. Sutcliffe, Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Quant. Biol. (1978)
43:77-90. Good luck.

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