Ultrasonic ligations??

David Micklem drm21 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 24 08:06:34 EST 1995

In article <3ie3l8$ab9 at server.st.usm.edu>, Glen Shearer
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> I recently heard someone mention that ligations done in tubes placed
> in an ultrasonic cleaner work much faster than the typical overnights;
> e.g., 15 min for blunt ligations.
> Anybody have first hand experience with this?
> thanks for the info

Sound like more of the microwave-restriction-enzyme typeexperiments.
I've done sticky-end ligations for 15 mins RT, and blunts for 1hr RT for years.
It works really well, and you don't need to put them in the ultrasonic cleaner.
(FWIW I use NEB ligase.  Always.)

Maybe someone with an ultrasonic bath could do the comparison for us with
RT alone,
O/N at low temp and in the bath.

My bet is that, as with the microwave experiment just reposted, the RT
reaction will
look just as good as the ultrasonic one.



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