protein stability

Roger Palfree MCRP000 at MUSICA.MCGILL.CA
Fri Feb 24 19:09:14 EST 1995

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Nancy Markley wrote:
>I prepared a protein sample by concentration through a microsep
>micro-concentrator and then lyophilized the sample. But the
>sample became "contaminated" with a small amount of glycerol
>during the concentration step and now the dried pellet is not
>quite as dry as I would have liked. Does anyone know if
>protein is stable in this "gooey" state??
I can't be emphatic, of course, but considering the stabilizing
effects of glycerol, and various sugars, on proteins in solution,
I would suspect your goo is keeping your protein happy.  Many
years ago I was using up to 30% glycerol in solutions as the best
way to maintain yeast killer toxin activity during purification
steps.  Although procedures were routinely at 4 deg.C, the glycerol
was also able to stabilize activity impressively at elevated

Roger Palfree
McGill - RVH

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