Ultrasonic Ligations

schoenfeld at MSSCC.MED.UTAH.EDU schoenfeld at MSSCC.MED.UTAH.EDU
Fri Feb 24 13:12:21 EST 1995

Glen Shearer [gshearer at whale.st.usm.edu] writes:
>I recently heard someone mention that ligations done in tubes placed
>in an ultrasonic cleaner work much faster than the typical overnights;
>e.g., 15 min for blunt ligations.

>Anybody have first hand experience with this?

There was a thread about this 1 or 2 summers ago.  Check the archives and
I'm sure you'll find it - seems like the people who did this were zapping
their ligation mixes for a very short period of time.

Robert Schoenfeld
Univ. Utah Dept. Biology

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