Nucleic Acid-Based Therapeutics Meeting

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Sat Feb 25 10:45:43 EST 1995

Cambridge Healthtech Institute will be sponsoring a conference, "Nucleic 
Acid-Based Therapeutics," to be held June 19-20, 1995 in San Diego, CA.

Techniques and applications involving gene amplification continue to 
move forward rapidly, driven by the utility of the process and the 
enormous base of researchers working with genetic studies.  From basic 
research to sequencing, amplification technologies are invaluable for 
providing sufficient diseases, nucleic acid-based assays are able to 
provide highly sensitive detection.  A variety of new diseases, nucleic 
acid-based assays are able to provide highly sensitive detection.  A 
variety of new technical developments, as well as refinements of 
established technology, will be discussed throughout the conference, with 
an emphasis placed on practical considerations for selecting which 
techniques may be best suited for a given task.

The opening session of this meeting covers a variety of ways in which 
nucleic assays can be compared with more traditional tests, including 
reference standards, sensitivity and costs.  New technology, new 
techniques, and two key application segments of genomics and infectious 
disease testing are highlighted in the sessions which follow.  
Researchers will benefit from the advice and specific examples cited 
by presenters, as well as discussion during the enduser-technology workshop. 
Information will be available for those who take advantage of extensive 
poster, company workshops and exhibits throughout the meeting.  New 
product announcements, latest research results, and the chance to meet 
with hundreds of other leading researchers in this field make this 
meeting one you can't afford to miss.

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