Help: PAGE sequencing gels

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Sat Feb 25 13:57:50 EST 1995

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wolffie at (John Wolff) wrote:

> Some of my 6% polyacrylamide gels seem to mysteriously swell while I'm
> warming them up:  the gel seems to get squeezed upwards, out of the
> plates, and the wells get unusably distorted, and the gel ruined.
I had a similar problem a few years ago- when I was prerunning my gels,
they would start to creep out from between the plates and into the upper
buffer. The gels that did this would often look like they were starting to
squeeze upward from between the plates even before I started to run the
   I got rid of the problem completely after I (1)  threw away my old
plates (which had been silanized zillions of times) and got some brand new
ones,  and (2) used only minimal amounts of anti-stick reagents
(Sigma-cote, Rainex, or Pam cooking spray) on only one of the plates. 
     Hope this helps!

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