Image-Pro PLUS, Mac version?

patho d3404001 at ccsun9
Mon Feb 27 01:50:25 EST 1995

Dear bioneter:
I am responsible for a 20,000 US dollar worth image analysis package. My
previous consideration include
1. a software Image-Pro PLUS by Media Cybernetics
2. Sony AVC-D7 CCD B/W video Camera (570 TV lines)
3. Sony UP-870MD B/W video printer
4. Avio FR-1100 film Recorder
5. PowerMac 7100AV-66MHz,16/1G, CD-ROM, 17" monitor

problem is the Image-Pro PLUS for Mac software never release ( according
to local dealer).

 I was forced to change my plan to use Image-Pro PLUS window version and
a Pentium-90, 16/1G, Targa+32 video card, MTI-65 Instrumental TV camera and
video printer, film recorder are the same as before.

I am dispointed by this change, can any one reading this mail provide me
some suggestions. Thank you in advance.

KC Wang
Institute of Pathology, NTU
Taipei, Taiwan 100

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