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Daniel Kim dkim at
Mon Feb 27 15:52:22 EST 1995


Sorry, I did not see your original post re: graphing software.

I have had very good results using Advanced Graphic Software's Slidewrite
Plus.  I have version 3.0, but I think a version 4.0 is out with Windows
support.  AGS also has a demo version available with a call to their

I am not sure that 800-numbers work from UK, however. :(

This program is easy to use and can produce multiple types of graphs (i.e.
bar, histogram, line, scatter, mixed, pie, etc) from data you enter
manually or from comma-delimited or space-delimited ASCII files.

It is able to display error bars of s.d., but I can't remember if it can
calculate the s.d. or if you have to enter them as a column of data.

It is also able to embed graphics from various sources into your figure,
including graphs generated from other datasets.  These can be scaled and
placed at will with full mouse support.

For extra money, clip art file packs can be purchased, including organic
molecular structures, lab glassware, animals, buildings, and cute stuff.

I cannot remember the phone number or address of AGS right now, but I can
get it if you are interested.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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