Graphing programmes

Graham Atherton grggta at
Mon Feb 27 06:08:19 EST 1995

Thanks to all the people who replied to my request for a good, simple
graphing programme. Several people wrote in support of Sigmaplot, the
rest suggested their own preferences - none mentioned more than once! I 
could post details if anyone is interested!
Meantime, a friend has sent me output from a programme called Origin and
reckons it was produced in 1/2 hour. This output seems to be of a standard
we find OK but the friend does not know where this programme comes from -
can anyone enlighten me?
I have also got a demo of Sigmaplot and found it easy to make graphs with
manually entered standard deviation for error bars. How to enter data on
the spreadsheet to have SD automatically calculated was not so easy - I
have been unable to work it out!
Graham Atherton
Please reply to grggta at

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