Help: PAGE sequencing gels

Dan Lasser dml1 at
Mon Feb 27 15:38:55 EST 1995

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, John Wolff wrote:

> Some of my 6% polyacrylamide gels seem to mysteriously swell while I'm
> warming them up:  the gel seems to get squeezed upwards, out of the
> plates, and the wells get unusably distorted, and the gel ruined.
> I will send electronic chocolate-chip cookies or even Rice Crispy treats
> to anybody who can solve this problem for me (they're totally tasteless,
> but nonfattening, and it's the thought that counts, right?).
 Dear John:

One problem, besides using fresh gels, equimolar TBE, and prewarming at 
50-60 watts might be the following:

If you are using glass plates which have been siliconized many multiple 
times, you occasionally need to "strip" the silicon off the plates or 
else the gels "walk" off the plates. 

To do this, soak the plates overnight in 1M Sodium Hydroxide and rub with 
a sponge. Then rinse carefully and dry. After this you can use the plates 
as before.

Good luck.  Dan Lasser, Columbia U. 

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