Staining nitrocellulose

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Mon Feb 27 12:19:57 EST 1995

> Same solution as for staining gels 1% dye in 30% MeOH 10% acetic acid 
> (though the solvent concentrations can be varied somewhat).  Immerse 
> nitrocellulose for 10 to 15 seconds with agitation then destain for 1 to 
> 20 min in same solvent lacking dye, until background is acceptable. This 
> may be done after blocking and probing, but probing does not work after 
> dye staining. 

This assumes that you're not blocking with a protein-containing sol'n
(like BSA, serume, etc.), otherwise you end up with a uniformly
blue blot.


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