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>Hello, anybody know how to find the complete (not only genetic papers)
>MEDLINE database for free on the net. If so please send me the address.

Under past and present policy of the US Natl Library of Medicine (the 
producer of the MEDLINE database) such placeing of this database on the 
internet for free and unmonitored access would be in violation of such 
policy. They are under pressure from commercial competitors to not "steal 
their livelihood" by offering the database for free. As a result, you 
have two options: 

A. Get an account with NLM via their sales arm: the Natl. Tech. Info. 
Service, Deposit Acct. Branch, 5285 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, VA 22161  
or by phone (703) 487-4064. This allows you to access medline over the 
internet or via modem. Although convenient (it is as uptodate as you can 
get and goes all the way back if you need it), it is a bit pricey if you 
search a lot.  Students get a big price break. There is a reduced price  
for off-peak hours access.

B. Get your institution to set up a database server with logon access.  
This can be done via commercial software packages (there are several) or a 
custom searching package.  The database tapes from NLM are 
quite inexpensive. A number of US university libraries have done this. An 
alternative is to have your institution contract with a search engine 
provider that allows internet access. Our institutional library 
info system group recently did this.  

I have no connection with NLM or its competitors.

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