Phospho-tyrosine cleavage

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Tue Jan 3 13:40:26 EST 1995

Shahram Mori (smori at wrote:
> Nadesalingam N Palaniyar (npalaniy at wrote:
> : I am looking for an enzyme(s) or chemical(s) that could cleave the 
> : phospho-tyrosine bond.  This info I am looking for is needed for removing 
> : a protein covalently bound to the DNA.  This protein presumably binds the 
> : DNA at the 3'-phosphate through the -OH group in the tyrosine of the 
> : protein.

> This is just an idea, have no idea if it will work; Would alkaline Phosphatase
> work for this? I know it is used to remove the 5'phosphates from DNA or RNA.
> I wonder if it would work in this case!

I think you can either use Alkaline Phosphatase or Acid Phosphatase (which
is also available commercially) to dephosphorylate proteins on Serine or
Threonine residues. I am not sure about proteins phosphorylated on Tyrosine.

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