Blunt ended ligation

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Tue Jan 3 05:08:19 EST 1995

Subject: Blunt ended ligation
From: Shayan Sharif, ssharif at
Date: 28 Dec 1994 01:38:12 GMT
In article <3dqfi4$6jl at> Shayan Sharif,
ssharif at writes:
>I have been trying to do a blunt-ended ligation, but it doesn't
seem to 
>be working. At first I checked the transformation step. With the
>pGEM3 it works just fine, but I cannot get any colony (either with
>without the insert) with the ligated vector. Moreover, agarose gel 
>analysis, using supercoiled marker, shows that the DNA in ligation 
>mixture is still in linear form.

What enzyme are you blunting with??  For instance SmaI has a
reported problem with nibbling the ends making re-ligation difficult
so I use HincII for better results then often ligate overnight at
room temp.

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