HELP!: need DNA extraction from parrafin block method

Michael Leahy leahy at
Wed Jan 4 11:39:33 EST 1995

Do you have experience with a method for DNA extraction from archived
material?  I need to do about 30 PCR markers on formalin fixed / parafin
embedded tissue blocks.  I have two or three 10 micron sections from each
block.  I have seen several methods: some use xylene first to dissolve the
parafin out while others don't bother; some digest in proteinase K for 1
hour some say digest for 5 days! Some say just stick it in a tube and boil
it up for a few minutes then go straight into the PCR. I would really
appreciate hearing from someone who has some experience.  Any data on yield
would also be gratefully received.


Mike Leahy
tel: (+44) 171 269 3407
fax: (+44) 171 831 6786

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