Replacement for retic lysate in Promega TNT kit

Bernard Khoo WCI bcek1 at
Wed Jan 4 06:07:51 EST 1995

I have recently run out of the reticulocyte lysate that was included with
my TNT SP6 in vitro translation kit. I've phoned up technical support, and they
claim that the retic lysate is unique to the TNT system, and that ordinary
retic lysate cannot substitute. Since the kit costs 305 pounds and 1ml of
Promega nuclease-treated lysate costs 90 pounds, I am loath to spend all that
money just to end up with an excess of the other reagents in the kit, especially
all the useless positive control reagents.

Does anybody have any experience with this situation? If I substitute with, say,
nuclease-treated retic lysate, will there be a loss of efficiency, and if so
how much?

Replies to me by e-mail please. Thanks.

Bernard Khoo   Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge, UK.
               E-mail: bcek1 at or

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