Gabriel Akopian akopian at cheshire.oxy.edu.
Thu Jan 5 17:22:47 EST 1995

	If anybody out there has experience with FTIR of DNA, and or  
making DNA samples for spectroscopic investigation, could you please send  
a protocol of DNA sample preparation.  Specifically, I have read from  
published material, that most FTIR investigators of DNA make a 2% to 7%  
w/w solution using .1M NaCl solution.  I've tried this, and have only  
managed to get a gel instead of a homogeneous liquidy solution.  We cannot  
use this gel, since our FTIR is equiped with an ATR Circle Cell.  Use of a  
gel creates unknown conditions in the chamber, especially since we do not  
know if bubbles are present, and whether or not adsorbtion onto the  
crystal takes place.  Thanks in advance.

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