Any ideas on clean DNA minipreps...

Christopher G. Alpha cga3 at
Thu Jan 5 08:52:04 EST 1995

I am developing a CTAB-less genomic DNA miniprep that uses very little
nasty organics...The aim is to be able to quickly process a lot of samples
for microsatellite work (the system in question is Vitis).  The DNA I am
currently getting is good and amplifiable but I would like to have it a bit
cleaner.  My 260/280's run b'twn 1.47 to there's a bit of
variation there...

Therefore what I need is ideas on getting protein contamination out w/o
using Protease K and Phenol-Chloroform extractions...and any residual
I need something out of the ordinary (I've tried those...)

Also the variations in purity that I am seeing is it possible that these
are from plant to plant or leaf age (i generally use leaves from the 2nd to
4th node back from the shoot tip)???  Right now its all greenhouse material
(viral experiment refugees) so maybe its Viral, or the the grnhs.
conditions making weird compounds (they are a couple years old--which is
not normal since they should die back yearly...)



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