Has anyone used the TRI reagent?

Tom Thatcher ttha at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Thu Jan 5 21:56:42 EST 1995

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>>Hi! Will someone who has used the TRI reagent( supposedly isolates RNA, DNA and
>> peptides from the same sample ) tell me how it works ? Sounds too good
>>to be true !  Ambal

>I've been using it every week for about 18 months, and I like it. I have
>isolated RNA and protein from the same samples, but never any DNA (didn't
>try). The RNA and proteins both look great on the gels. I have also stored
>these samples for over a year with no problems. TRI-Reagent is good stuff;
>it works!

Be aware that the best way to get good RNA (homogenize in Tri-reagent)
is a terrible way to get genomic DNA (shears it to bits).  

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