96 well luminometers

schupp at nauvax.ucc.nau.edu schupp at nauvax.ucc.nau.edu
Thu Jan 5 10:49:48 EST 1995

Hello bionet people,
        I'm in the process of evaluating the Dynatech, EGandG Wallac and
Labsystems 96 well luminometers and am looking for some input from others
who have experience with these instruments and who are not interested in
selling me a $25-$35,000 machine.  My impressions so far are as follows:
        -They are all comparably sensitive.
        -The Labsystems machine has a crosstalk problem in my hands
        (1% with their own plates) and it is not possible to uncouple the
        injection step from the read step.  I need to inject a luciferase
        reagent and then read 1-2min later.
        -The EG and G machine has a troublesome keypad that is prone to
        double entries.
        double entries.  I also could not inject the entire plate and then
        go back and read the plate, although it is supposed to have that capabil        ity.
        -The Dynatech machine with the computer was quite nice.  However, the
        salesperson made a point of describing how fragile the injectors were
        and that they cost $300 a piece.

        Any thoughts,experiences and impressions on these machines would be
of great benefit to me.  Thanks in advance.

Jim Schupp
Northern Arizona University, The Mountain Campus.

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