Has anyone used the TRI reagent?

Stephen R. Lasky, Ph.D. Stephen_Lasky at brown.edu
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> PEDP043 at uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu wrote:
> : Hi! Will someone who has used the TRI reagent( supposedly isolates
RNA, DNA and
> :  peptides from the same sample ) tell me how it works ? Sounds too good
> : to be true !  Ambal
> Never isolated proteins from the stuff.  I think it is the best stuff to 
> isolate RNA though.  Great yields and purity!  I've heard that getting DNA
> out of it is a pain in the butt.
>                         -- Aaron

We have isolated proteins as well as RNA and DNA from Trizol.  The RNA was
good, the DNA was fragmented but was ok for many purposes, and there
seemed to be plenty of protein to use for western blots, but we were not
able to accurately quantitate the amount of protein in the samples.  Since
we are more interested in nuclear proteins, and these techniques give
total cellular protein, and we would like to be able to quantitate the
amount of protein that we are using in our westerns, we have not continued
doing this.  The take home point is that it works, but is not the greatest
method for getting many types of proteins.


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