Anchor PCR from Genomic DNA?

Shahram Mori smori at
Sat Jan 7 21:58:18 EST 1995

gustilo at wrote:
: hi,

: can anyone point me to references for doing this? The starting material
: will be be derived from mice tails.

: thanks in advance

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All you do is hook up a known sequence to the 5'end of the DNA. Use a 1mer
complementary to the 5'anchor and a gene specific/nonspecific primer to the
3'end. Then PCR.
Clontech sells a 5'Amplifinder-race kit that allows you to stick a piece to
the 5'end. It has worked for people on the net with variable success;
John B. Gibson Australian National Univ. who kindly sent me a copy of his
publication proving to me( a long time pessimist) that Amplifinder works might
be able to help you . Also Eric Anderson who made modifications( almost
created his own protocol :) ) may also be able to help you.

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