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Sun Jan 8 11:43:58 EST 1995

With regard to the following postings:

>I would also like to know what the recommended storage parameters
>are...please either e-mail me directly, or post on this newsgroup

>In article <212B3623BC at iunhaw1.iun.indiana.edu>
>wanders at IUNHAW1.IUN.INDIANA.EDU ("W. Marshall Anderson") writes:
> What is the suggested concentration, solution and storage conditions for
> a stock calmodulin solution?

when I was using calmodulin on a regular (almost daily) basis I stored it at 4 
degrees centigrade in 50mM sodium azide.  So, why 4C? Well, I am under the 
impression (ie. somebody told me in the past) that CaM is a very stable protein 
and the main worry would be bugs, so I included the sodium azide (this was not a
problem since the assay required azide anyway). As for concentration, well I 
think that would have to be dependent on the desired final working concentration
and the final working concentration would depend on the specific activity of the
calmodulin used (commercial CaM comes from a variety of sources and with a 
variety of specific activities therefore quoting only a conc. does not give the 
necessary info for somebody to repeat your results). 

However, having said all that I used a working stock of 50uM (convienient for a 
final conc. of 0.1uM in the assay volume I used) which as I said, was stored at 
4C, I noticed no loss of activity over months of use.

Hope this helps.

David C. Logan

Logand at msdos.inra.montpellier.fr 

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