ApoE typing by PCR

Gene Holowachuk geneh at USA.NET
Mon Jan 9 19:37:22 EST 1995

We routinely use the primers and methods of Hixson and Vernier (J lipid
Res, 31: 545-548, 1990) for apoE genotyping (E2, E3, and E4) without too
many problems. Its based on restriction isotyping using amplification and
Hha I digestion. Email me if you need more info.
Cheers, Gene

>I am trying to determine the ApoE status of several DNA samples using PCR
>to amplify a region of the ApoE gene.  Using the primers and conditions of
>Wenham, Price and Blundell (Lancet 337:1158, 1991) we have been unable to
>amplify a single band of the correct size.
>   Can anyone offer any help on conditions or primers which they have had
>success in using?
>   Thanks.

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