Paul A. Vescio vescip at
Mon Jan 9 05:30:46 EST 1995

In response to what sequencing system is recommended Sequenase by USB has
been the most common response.  our lab has tried to use sequenase in the
past and has had problems.  My question is : we used to dilute the enzyme
before each use so that it was not neccessary to use glycerol tolerant gels.
People have suggested to use the sequenase kit but for all those that use it
--- Which method has given the best success?  Diluting the enzyme into the
glycerol buffer once and running reactions on glycerol tolerant gels  or
Diluting the enzyme 1:8 before each use.
    Any responses to this question/poll would be of great help Reply either
by email (vescip at or by net
Thanks in advance,
Bio dept. RPI

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