RNA isolation without phenol

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>> Richard Dana (rcdana at crash.cts.com) wrote:
>> : I have had recent success with methods to isolate clean RNA without phenol.
>> : I would like to know of others who have similar procedures and have good
>> : downstream results. 
>> : Most of my current research is in plant RNA.
>> : Richard Dana
>> : rcdana at crash.cts.com
>> : I am a scientist at a biotech company in North San Diego County.
>> : I would like to share my results with interested scientists in academia 
>> : and in biotech companies.
>> I would like to see your method, if you don't mind.
>> Cheers
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>I would like to have the method too.
Dear Rich:
I'm one of the many who are very interested in your "non-phenol RNA extraction"
method.  I believe it will be beneficial to every one (including yourself!)
that you make your protocol public.  The truely reliable  "non-phenol" method
that I know of is the one from QIAGEN.  They call it RNeasy Total RNA Kits, by
the way.  I hope this information is useful and will appreciate your feedback.
Sheng-Cheng wu
"wusc at bscr.uga.edu"

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