Protein chacterization using variants of HPLC: Four questions

Ding Ming ming at
Mon Jan 9 10:58:54 EST 1995

In article <3ekagl$p2q at>, wyatt at wrote:
> but obviously feel we have a lot to learn both to help our customers and  
> to interact better with the protein chemistry community.  Right now we  
> have the following four questions and would be most grateful for any  
> comments or suggestions a protein or biochemist might have:

It seems to me, as a protein biochemist, that your questions here cannot
be answered in a short essay. It would be also easy for you to get the
answers by reading a basic textbook in protein biochemistry. In another
way, If one had the knowledge that you guys had no idea about the protein
while making instruments for biochemists in protein study, would he buy
your products? I wouldn't at least:-)
Dr. Ding Ming
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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