Promega Internet survey

Ali Karami ali at
Tue Jan 10 07:31:21 EST 1995

Ken Doyle (kdoyle at wrote:
: Promega is planning to provide access to technical information on the 
: Internet.  We would appreciate it if you could provide the answers to the 
: following questions so that we can estimate the type of Internet services 
: that would best fit our customers' needs.

: 1.  Where is your institution located?
: a:  North America
: b:  South and Central America
X: c:  Europe
: d:  Asia and Australia
: e:  Other

: 2.  What type of Internet service do you currently access?
:X a:  FTP/Telnet
:Xb:  Gopher
:X c:  World-Wide Web (WWW)

: 3.  What type of information would be most useful?
: a:  Vector sequences
:X b:  Technical Bulletins and Manuals
: c:  Promega's Catalog
:X d:  Promega's Protocols and Applications Guide
:X e:  Promega Notes (technical newsletter)

: 4.  What other services would you like Promega to provide on the 
: Internet?
   FAQ about molecular Bilogy.
: 5.  Additional comments/suggestions:

: Thank you for your time and consideration. Replies should be sent 
: directly to  techserv at

Ali Karami
Copenhagen University
Ali at

: Ken Doyle
: Technical Services Scientist
: Promega Corp.
: kdoyle at

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