Acryl. in Bio-rad Sequi-gen's IPC

Tom Chappell dmcbtch at
Wed Jan 11 13:57:34 EST 1995

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LOGAND <logand at> writes:

> Dear All,
> Has any netter come up with a neat way of removing acrylamide which builds-up 
> (due to small accidents!) between the buffer reservoir and the back glass plate 
> of Bio-rads sequi-gen apparatus. I am aware of the water jet idea in the 
> instructions but just thought someone may have a better alternative. Suggestions
> other than retrospective advice such as "be more careful in the first place!" 
> are welcomed.
> Thanks
> David C. Logan

Well, this is close to a "be more careful in the first place"
suggestion, but if you put 100-200 mls of water in the reservoir before
you pour the gel, you can be as messy as you want and the acrylamide
that does get in the reservoir won't polymerize. If you haven't
polymerized the acrylamide around the electrode, you can usually work
it loose with one of the spacers, but then if it isn't polymerized
around the electrode it is easy to get it out with a jet of water... 

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