Electroporating HL-60 cells. Help needed!.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Aguilera bc2roagj at lucano.uco.es
Tue Jan 10 06:36:53 EST 1995

First of all thanks for opening this message.

I am a graduate student who has never worked in electroporation before. My
area of work is electron transport at the plasma membrane but I am now
interested in introducing a protein into HL-60 cells. 

I have talked to a colleague who electroporates yeasts and told me that
electroporation is quite dependent on the cell type. He knows nothing
about human cells and recommend me to ask for help.  HL-60 cells is a
human promyelocytic cell type. If you have ever performed electroporation
in HL-60 cells (or CLOSELY related cell type) I would appreciate very much
your help.  All I need is a detailed protocol including all conditions
(time, voltage, ionic strength, cuvettes, apparatus, etc.). 

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