pump needed in Germany

Karel Wernars Karel.Wernars at rivm.nl
Wed Jan 11 03:42:49 EST 1995

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara <un691cs at genius.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de> wrote:

> Hello dear netters,
> today to our unpleasant surprise, the radio-activity officer entered our
> isotope lab and noticed that our sequencing gel-drier is hooked
> up to a water suction pump, which could cause contaminated
> water to enter the waste water system.
> He adviced us to switch to an electrical pump, perhaps with some sort
> of filter. Do yna of you know of such a pump, powerful, preferably
> without oil to be exchanged, that is for sale in GERMANY ?
>clemens, heidelberg
If your lab is fitted with a compressed-air pipeline there is an elegant tool
to generate the vacuum for e.g. drying gels, without the need to buy an
expensive electrical pump. This piece of equipment works according to the same
principle as the water-jet pump but uses compressed air in stead of tap water.
The outlet of the pump can be fitted with a filter to prevent the exhaust of
aerosols. To my experience these "air-jet"-pumps are safe, noiseless and require
no maintenance. I checked one of them in the lab to see where we bought them
and found that they actually come from Germany (Drägerwerk AG, Lübeck).

Karel Wernars, the Netherlands

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