Lambda promoter plasmids

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Wed Jan 11 10:36:46 EST 1995

Hi Folks,

I have a query about the stability of lambda promoter expression 
plasmids. I have a plasmid with a lambda pl promoter, polylinker then
lambda terminator in that order. Normally I grow it in a cI ts E.coli 
or cI+ E.coli. One of my group just changed the polylinker and put it 
(without thinking) into a cI minus E.coli. It grows fine! Now I have
always been under the impression that lambda PL was lethal on plasmids
unless the cI repressor was present. Is there any truth to this. I am 
checking the map etc of the new construct just in case the promoter has 
been deleted. The plasmid is based on pBR322 with Amp not Tet.

Many thanks


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