Immunofluores and cell permeability

Richard Mandel rmandel at
Thu Jan 12 15:33:20 EST 1995

We are trying to detect a protein on the cell surface while 
the protein is mostly found intracellularly.  We are fixing
with 4% paraformaldehyde but find that there is some 
permeabilization of the cells.  Has anyone found washing and fixing 
conditions that cause very minimal damage to the cell membrane?
Does glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde leave a more intact cell 
membrane than paraformaldehyde?  Should washing be done with
PBS or BSS?  The cells are Chinese hamster ovary cells attached
to a slide.  What is the minimum % of paraformaldehyde which can
be used in fixation and will this improve the situation?  

Thanks for your input.  E-mail or post here.



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