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Thu Jan 12 23:17:48 EST 1995

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> To whom it may concern
> I'm trying to reamplify a very low concentrartion of primary PCR
> product and am ending up with smears every time.
> I don't want ot re-purify the primary product because of the very low 
> concentration.
> Any hints would be greatfully accepted.
> Andrew Holyoake 
> PhD student
> University of Canterbury
> Christchurch 
> New Zealand

Dear Andrew,

I think you have a problem which is quite common and which I had to face too
when I was trying to reamplify a PCR product. Two things might help:

1. Dilute your primary PCR product at least 1:10,000 and try it again.


2. Run your PCR product on an agarose gel, cut out the band, add 1 ml of 
   water and boil it for 5min. I actually could amplify all my primary PCR 
   products by doing this and using 1-5ul for the secondary PCR.

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