DNAsing TAQ polymerase

baharvey at swansea.ac.uk baharvey at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Jan 12 09:18:14 EST 1995


We are trying to PCR some highly conserved heat shock proteins and
are experiencing exceptional difficulty with PCR contamination.
We are aware that there are trace levels of DNA in many commercial preps
of TAQ and thought that it may be due to this.
We were thinking of DNAsing our TAQ fror these reactions or perhaps 
DNAsing the entire mix (-primers) before the PCR. Would this work?
Has anyone done this before? Would it affect the PCR? (We've tried the
'low DNA' TAQ available already but with no success.)

Has anyone got any other ideas? or experience concerning PCRing 
heatshock proteins or highly conserved sequences that would help?

Thanks for your time


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