DNAsing TAQ polymerase

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Fri Jan 13 09:57:37 EST 1995

In article <D2AqEF.29n at info.swan.ac.uk>, baharvey at swansea.ac.uk says:
>We are trying to PCR some highly conserved heat shock proteins and
>are experiencing exceptional difficulty with PCR contamination.
>We are aware that there are trace levels of DNA in many commercial preps
>of TAQ and thought that it may be due to this.
>We were thinking of DNAsing our TAQ fror these reactions or perhaps 
>DNAsing the entire mix (-primers) before the PCR. Would this work?
>Has anyone done this before? Would it affect the PCR? (We've tried the
>'low DNA' TAQ available already but with no success.)
>Has anyone got any other ideas? or experience concerning PCRing 
>heatshock proteins or highly conserved sequences that would help?
>Thanks for your time

can't help with the taq problems but can offer one hint always employ professionals to install satalite dishes!!

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